Email Distribution
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The NewOrg integrated list management and email system allows specified users to send targeted email messages to any cross section of your database. Permissions for email allow different users access to different people and all emails are tracked and recorded.


Appropriate users can manage large email lists, create standard email templates, send email to large lists based on any criteria defined about contacts such as events they have attended, past donation history, physical address, income level, interest areas, predefined groupings, or any other custom field.


Different templates can be made available to different users to ensure a consistent message and quality of content.


Contacts without email addresses can be sent physical mail automatically from the same interface.


Export contact lists to use in mail merges, invitations, or to send to a printer.


Combine your mail list, email lists, event registration list, donors, and clients. Let the appropriate users send correspondene with each group in the most appropriate ways and watch the results.


NewOrg makes communicating with large constituencies simple, auditable, secure, and easily customizable.