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Whether your staff are paid hourly, on salary or act as consultants, the NewOrg Management System allows you to accurately track their time in the office or on the road.  Features for recording mileage, tolls, parking, and drive time make it easy to calculate total compensation at the end of each pay period.  Because the timesheets are based on the same calendar as scheduling and services, staff only need record their time once and the payroll and reporting sections take care of the rest.


The payroll workflow is designed to match your organizational hierarchy, with supervisors and management having access to timesheets and optional sign-off on hours and mileage.  No more paper timesheets going back and forth between staff, supervisors and HR.


When the timesheets are correct and HR is ready to run the payroll, the events and timesheets are locked and can be posted to several file formats for import into your accounting application or payroll service.


The system maintains a permanent record of all staff hours and activities for each payroll period which can be reported on by activity, staff, department, etc.