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Staying in touch with your partners, funders, donors and clients is an important and challenging task. The NewOrg Management System helps by integrating the management of email lists, newsletters, calls to action, etc.


Just as important, NewOrg lets you create secure, password protected areas on your web site where your staff and approved outside parties can share files, forms, news, and opinions.


The opportunities to increase interaction and improve communication are endless and different for every organization.

  • Create a volunteer area where you can post event schedules and calls for assistance.
  • Set up a board of directors section where Board Members can log in and get the latest documents for the next board meeting.
  • Create a partners section where other organizations can access forms for clients and referrals.

Regardless of how you use it, managing the sections, users, and documents is done within the easy to use NewOrg System. No extra software to learn!