Outlook/Exchange Integration
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Having a comprehensive database of client and donor information is great and using a shared calendar for organization wide scheduling can improve efficiency and reduce data entry time.  But what about the application you use most often to email people and view your calendar? 


Most small to mid sized organizations use Microsoft Exchange and Outlook to manage their email and calendars.  No-one wants to have to manage contact and schedules in two systems.


This is why the NewOrg Management System can integrate with your Exchange and Outlook contact lists and shared calendars in real time.  Contacts and events entered into NewOrg are instantly available in Outlook!  You can decide what type of contacts and events to synchronize, so sensitive client and donor info stays safe in the database while users with appropriate priviledges can use Outlook to view other contacts and events.


Have the strength, security, and flexibility of NewOrg and still use Outlook for daily communications!


This integration requires that your organization be running an Exchange Server and can allow our support technicians remote access to the server temporarily to establish the connection.