NewOrg for Funders
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  • Is grant reporting straining your staff and your providers? 
  • Looking for ways to better connect disbursements to outcomes?
  • Want more transparency and accountability without over-burdening the people forwarding your mission?


The NewOrg Management System is designed to address these and many other challenges and provides scenarios that benefit funders as well as their funded agencies, both large and small.


The NewOrg System can be used to address the data and reporting needs of the following constituents:



  • Grant & Compliance Managers
  • Finance Department
  • Executives & Boards of Directors


  • Organizations with 3rd party data management systems
  • Organizations requiring a full NewOrg data management system for multiple programs & funders
  • Small organizations who only need to report to the main funder and don't need data management for any additional programs


  • Provide select filtered reports to the public
  • Allow pre/post testing via the web
  • Provide secure access to specific or summary data to 3rd parties such as court systems, universities, researchers


NewOrg lets you and your providers:

  • Track client and service data such as session, hours, attendees and almost anything else by provider and program
  • Manage grant goals and progress
  • Track and manage timesheets, approvals, invoicing, and check requests
  • Report on performance and adjust goals and budgets
  • Share and manage grant and client related documents
  • Create, administer, and report on pre/post or other testing measures (paper or web based)
  • Manage and report on outcomes, including client specific outcomes based on services across multiple providers and programs


Distributed Client Data Management

Using a Distributed Client Data Management model, all involved organizations have access to the appropriate data using an interface best suited to their needs, size, and existing infrastructure. 

Large organizations which already have data management systems in place can simply upload to the Funder's NewOrg system. 

Organizations which require a new data management system can implement NewOrg for all of their programs, regardless of the funder, and tie directly into any funders using NewOrg or other system with upload capability.

Finally, smaller organizations or ones with fewer programs or only one funder can use the Funder's NewOrg system.