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How to Get Started

The NewOrg Management System is a fully customizable platform which can be accessed by your staff from anywhere with a web connection.  NewOrg is a fully hosted online solution so there is no need for any new hardware or technical expertise.  The NewOrg team will work with you and your staff to customize and implement the system to fit your needs.  In addition, we handle all security and backups so you can be sure your data is safe and secure.

Implementing NewOrg involves multiple steps including scoping, customization, validation, importation of your existing data, and training all your staff.  Once this process is completed, our implementation specialists will work with your staff to develop manuals detailing workflow, policies and procedures. The cost for NewOrg varies depending on the functional areas you plan to use and the complexity of your programs, grant reporting and other needs.  The steps and costs are summarized below. 


To properly define your requirements, we work with your organization's staff to understand the data fields, activities, reports, and workflow that are needed to capture and organize all required information.  In most cases, all of the meetings, testing, and training can be done via web meetings so there are no costly travel expenses.  The following list of steps are typical of the implementation process:

  • Scoping Meetings - Meet with staff and management to define the requirements of the NewOrg System for your organization.  We examine all forms, reports, and existing data sources.  We document the workflow for the main elements of your programs and operations, such as intake, discharge, fundraising events, donation receipts, thank you letters, volunteer sign-up and more.
  • Web Design Sessions - If you engage the NewOrg team to redesign your public web site, you'll work with a designer to share ideas and preferences for the look, feel, and functionality of the site.  We will work with you to seamlessly integrate your web site with the NewOrg system to improve data collection and enhance your ability to manage and engage your constituents, including satisfaction surveys, applications, referrals, pre/post tests, and other outcome measures.
  • Customization - Our Implementation Specialists will take all of the information gathered in the scoping meetings and will then tailor the NewOrg system to fit your requirements.
  • Validation - Once the initial customization is completed, we will review the system with you and walk through some sample scenarios.  The validation process is much like a mini- training and will give you a chance to work with the live system to be sure it meets your needs.  Typically, this process involves several steps as we work together to "tweak" the system and workflow.
  • Import - We will look at all of your existing sources of data (spreadsheets, Outlook, Microsoft Access Databases, and others) and identify duplicates, format your data and import it into your customized NewOrg system so that past data will be available for reports and other uses.
  • Training - All of your staff will participate in a general orientation training.  Then, representatives from each department will undergo training on the workflow and screens which have been customized for their particular department.
  • Documentation - Once each department has been trained and has validated the customizations and workflow for their area, we'll work with them to develop manuals detailing workflow, policies, and procedures.  These manuals will be integrated into the documents area of NewOrg and can be used as a reference and to assist new employees.
The goal of this process is to provide a smooth and seamless transfer from your current processes and systems to the NewOrg System.  The implementation period is often a good time to re-examine processes, forms, and policies that have evolved organically as the organization has grown to evaluate relevancy and efficiency.  Implementations can take from 8 to 16 weeks from start to finish, depending on the complexity your organization's requirements and the availability of your staff to participate.

The cost of a NewOrg implementation depends largely on the resources required for the above steps.  Pricing is broken down as follows:

License & Setup $3000
Implementation (Minimum 20 hours)
$120 / Hour
Web Design (optional) $2500
Web Content Migration (optional) $999

Support & Hosting

For a cost less than your monthly phone bill, NewOrg provides a data management solution that brings benefits to almost every aspect of your operations, will evolve with your changing needs, and can grow with your organization. 

To ensure that all of our clients get the most benefit out of NewOrg and that their system stays relevant over time as programs, technology, and grant requirements change, NewOrg provides Comprehensive LifeCycle Support.  Basically, this means that, aside from simply answering technical questions, our support staff will continue to assist on an ongoing basis with all issues related to the NewOrg System such as:

  • Report writing
  • Import/Export
  • New fields and drop down values
  • Print and email templates
  • Workflow definition
LifeCycle Support provides for an unlimited number of support incidents of up to one (1) hour per incident.

As a hosted and fully managed solution, NewOrg offers organizations the benefits of a full IT department without the cost.  Your data will be housed in a secure Tier 1 hosting facility with redundant power and internet, 24/7 physical security, and monitored firewalls and backups.

The monthly cost of the NewOrg System depends partly on the number of staff that will be using the system.  Starting at $300, Support & Hosting covers the following:
  • Server Hosting
  • Security Certificate
  • LifeCycle Support
  • Product Maintenance (ongoing updates to the latest version of the system, with no upgrade costs!)
  • Monitored Backups
  • Monitored Firewall
  • Email monitoring and blocked mail management
Contact us to see if NewOrg is right for your organization.  To speak to a representative, call the toll free number below or sign up for an online demonstration.

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