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NewOrg:  The "Home" Tab

The "Home" tab is the first screen you come to when you log into NewOrg. Main function is an informational dashboard which includes "This Week", "All Staff Notices", "Reminders", "Reports", "Contact Search" and "Staff Directory". You can also create contacts and events from this screen as well.
  • "This Week" dashboard (21 secs).
  •  "All Staff Notice" dashboard (2 mins 23 secs).
  • "Reminders" dashboard (3 mins 10 secs).
  • "Reports" dashboard (4 mins 18 secs).
  • "Search Contacts" (4 mins 58 secs).
  • "Staff Directory" table (5 mins 20 secs).
  • Creating contacts and creating events (5 mins 38 secs).