Donation Tab
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Donation Tab:

The "Donations" tab has two main functions. One is that it is a dashboard of donation/financial information. The second is that you can enter in multiple donations, post your donations/financial entries and send thank you/reciept emails/letters within the "Posting/Bulk" feature. 
  • Donation dashboards:
    (i) Top Donors dashboard (55 secs).
    (ii) Year To Date, YTD Dashboard (1 min 14 secs).
    (iii) Pledges dashboard (1 min 22 secs).
    (iv) Recurring donations dashboard (2 mins 25 secs).
    (v) Donor by Class dashboard (2 mins 35 secs).
    (vi) Year to year comparison dashboard (2 mins 44 secs).
  • Posting/Bulk feature (2mins 57 secs).
    (i) Bulk entry of donations/payments (3 mins 11 secs).
    (ii) Unposted donations list view (4 mins 36 secs).
    (iii) Posting donations and sending thank/receipts emails/letters (4 mins 41 secs).