NewOrg Video Conferencing
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 NewOrg Video Conferencing 

  • Making sure contacts are added to the event and staff users are assigned (1 min 34 secs). 
  • Sending out video conference invite(s) (3 mins).
  • Starting your video conference as host (5 mins 22 secs).
  • Setting up your video/audio preferences for video conference (5 mins 43 secs).
  • How staff users can join an existing video conference (2 mins 40 secs).
  • Host admitting contact attendees into the video conference once you have setup your video/adudio preferences (6 mins 40 secs).
  • Removing contacts or staff from a video conferecnce after meeting has started (7 mins 11 secs).
  • Checking internet network quality/speed (7 mins 21 secs).
  • How to send written text to vdeo conference attendees (7 mins 40 secs).
  • How to send a contact attendee a print form for them to complete (8 mins 15 secs).
  • How to send a form/survey to a contact attendee for them to complete (9 mins 38 secs).
  • How to request a document to be uploaded from a contacts attendees device. (10 mins 32 secs).
  • How a host can end or leave a video conference (12 mins 30 secs).